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not visible Covid-19 and tourism to isarel 26.1.2020 when i write this notice almost 3rd of israel population has been vaccinated with Pfizer. vaccine. most 1st dose. 2nd dose has been given full steam ahead since last week. vaccination rate (fastest in the world) will bring us probably to a fully vaccinated population by end of March 2021. Israel's infection rate passed its peak about a week ago and results are starting to emerge:- flattening curve of seriously ill patients and infection factor less than 1. Israel skies/flights are closed at the moment and no traffic in and outbound is allowed. I believe that in few weeks ahead when vaccinations take their effect, flying ban will be lifted and inbound passengers , subject to presenting a "green passport" ' or proof of vaccination or pre-flight corona pcr test would be finally welcomed , please do not hesitate to inquire about those facts. I think that time for voyage planning towards middle/end 2021 has come. If you feel like discussing Itinerares , timetables or ,Covid i would be glad to re-establish my pre-covid19 activity, no need to say,without any obligation on your part
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