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Covid-19 and tourism to Israel


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As I write this post more than half of Israel's population has received Pfizer's second vaccine: The vaccination rate (the fastest in the world) will likely bring us by the end of March 2021 at the end of the vaccinations. Our 3rd confinement is finished, the Corona cabinet has approved the third phase in the deconfinement plan of the Ministry of Health from Sunday March 7, 2021. With the green label it will be possible to sit both indoors and outdoors in cafes and restaurants, to go to hotels, event halls, amusement parks and conferences. This green label will be the proof that will allow citizens of all countries to regain some freedom after this year of restrictions and for travelers to enter Israel in all serenity. David Ben Gurion's airport which had been closed since January 25 reopened and for the moment authorizes the entry into Israel of 2000 passengers and soon 5000 with a lockdown imposed for those who do not have the green label. I think the time to plan the trip around mid / late 2021 has come. If you feel like discussing routes, schedules or Covid, I would be happy to restore my pre-covid19 activity, needless to say, with no obligation on your part.

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