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Covid-19 and tourism to Israel


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The latest news ; Israel will reopen Ben Gurion airport to vaccinated foreigners coming in group tour from the 23.5.21 to be followed by individuals from June 2021, a test will be required at the border. I think it is time to plan your summer holidays as well as the following months 2021. Will be most happy to answer to your questions and looking forward to seeing you..

My Tourists!

I am very proud and flattered , to be complimented from time to time by my tourists and do the utmost to gain and justify these rewarding reactions.. After all that's my life and career. You might have noticed by now ,that i find pleasure in maintaining contact , and correspondence after they say goodbye, and fly back home,by email ,or through my facebook pages ,profile and wordpress blog of anecdotes. On this section you are welcomed to read some of my written guests book testimonials. If you have more time please go also to my Tripadvisors tourists reactions and my Beoglobe profile (which is populated mainly by french speaking participants ) to see some more reactions and impressions. Please place the cursor over the slider thumbnails below , in order to enlarge and read some of my testimonial.
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