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Tourism to Israel


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Welcome back, Since the 1st November 2021 tourists, which have ''green pass'' are allowed to enter in Israel. I am waiting for you and ready to answer to all your questions and demands. Warmest regards from the Holy land. Nicole Samuel

explore 'My Choice'
My Choice
Please find in this section a list of places, attractions, people, useful websites, locations, services or a small niches-of-wonder,
which is not on regular tour itineraries.
All attended, met or experienced on the go
during my years of guiding.These are my favorites.
(not all israel's sites are on this list)
therefore searching is based on [and/or] conditional category,
so you may try looking by either a single search term,
or by several search terms.In the result lines you will find a short
description of my experience,a link to the attraction web-site
if there is one, and a link to my 'anecdotes' blog and a photo .
Most photos are authentic ,taken by me during a tour.
You are welcomed to inquire for further information
if you find an interest and wish to incorporate an attraction
to your planned itinerary.
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